A Sad but Heroic Dog Story

MAN’S BEST FRIEND Hero dogs sacrifice themselves to kill cobra trying to get into house as baby slept

I rarely read the newspapers, any of them, but when I do I sniff out dog related stories and this one stuck a chord with me !

Two pet dogs sacrificed themselves in order to stop a deadly cobra getting in the house while One-year-old Skye was sleeping in a house in Kidapawan City in the Philippines.

The deadly reptile entered the front yard.  I wont show the photo from The Sun Newspaper story, as it is distressing to dog lovers. It is beautiful in a strange way as it shows the dogs final resting having killed the deadly snake and the sacrifice it made.

Here is a happier photo of the dogs before the incident. holiday lets with pets blog

The baby’s father, Jaime Selim, said he and his wife, Pauie, were at work at the time while his daughter was sleeping at home with a babysitter.

He said: ”My wife and I were out for work. When we arrived, our helper told us what happened and reviewed the cameras. We were shocked but also so proud of the dogs.”

Jaime’s CCTV cameras face the yard and showed the two dogs barking and biting the cobra as it spewed venom at them and bit back.

Jaime added: “I can’t thank my dogs enough for protecting my baby Skye. We will miss them so much.”

The full article can be read here in The Sun.

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