Is this possible ???? Seagull snatches chihuahua and flys away with it

Evening all from a sunny Brighton !!!  Living in Brighton I am well used to aggressive seagulls but this story did come as a suprise !!!  I have seen gulls with fish eels and even a snake flying around, but to date, I havent seen one with a dog !!

This story has had national coverage and if genuine is incredible !

Ill use the Mirrors story but links below to a few other articles on it !

Seagull snatches chihuahua Gizmo from garden – leaving dog’s owner distraught

A distraught dog owner has launched an urgent search for her chihuahua after he was snatched by a seagull.

Four-year-old Gizmo was playing in the back garden of Becca Hill’s house in Paignton, Devon when it was taken.

The seagull swooped down and flew away with the small pooch in its beak yesterday afternoon, witnessed by Becca’s partner.

The brown and white dog, whose breed only grows to around nine inches high,has not been seen since.

Becca, 24, issued a social media appeal for news of Gizmo, one of three chihuahuas she owns.



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