Tesla Cars Dog Mode. I like the idea . . . . . . . but there has been a problem

Tesla owner discovers problem with ‘Dog Mode’ air conditioning feature

I hadnt actually heard about this feature on Tesla Cars,  and my first thought was/is good idea!!  However,  it has to work, and I guess it maybe gives a false sense of security to owners that their dog isnt in an overheating car.  Im not Elon Musks biggest fan, but, the guy is super intelligent and has come out with some absolutely outstanding ideas and innovations!

Dog mode in Tesla Model 3

Dog mode is designed to keep your hound at a comfortable temperature while you’re out of

the car. The jumbo display at the center ofthe dashboard shows the temperature and also a message for passersby that you’ll be returning soon.  This is a good idea and I like it !

Dog Mode isn’t a replacement for your responsibility as a dog owner, and any responsibly dog owner would know this!

To turn on Dog Mode, you go into your airconditioning settings and select the very literal “DOG” option!! Here you are able to adjust the temperature to a preference within preset limits.

The temperature can also be controlled remotely via the app.

Even non dog owners may be well-served by the functionality, should they wish to return to an instantly cool car. Tesla rightly advises that you still check local laws about leaving pets unattended in the car before relying on this new feature.

Problem Found with Dog Mode

A Seattle Tesla owner who is also a tech executive Rahul Sood, tweeted to Elon Musk that he discovered a problem with Dog Mode.  The issue he says is that that you need to have the climate control in “auto” setting for it to work correctly. If you manually adjust the fan speed, the car will turn off the air conditioner when you leave.

The online owner’s manual instructions on how to use “Keep Climate On” doesn’t mention this, nor does the pop-up screen that enables the feature.

The owner said that he was alerted to the problem when he checked his Tesla app.  To his “horror” he could see that the cars cabin temperature had risen to 85 degrees with his dog in it. To his credit, Musk responded “Fixing … “ to Sood’s tweet.  He did however not offer any details on when that would happen – but knowing Musk this will be a quick software update fix!

The best advice is not to leave you dog in the car!  However all in all i like this features idea.


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